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From September 2021 NTH started to facilitate workshops for youth in three different Youth centres in Helsinki.

Our main goal is to prove to the youngsters that theatre is enjoyable, is a community, and an inclusive art form that could be done by anyone. We offer theatre workshops for youngsters (12-18) for free. New Theatre Helsinki aims to work with students both without and with theatrical experience in English and in Finnish (depending on the facilitators and the groups needs). 


In the workshops we try to introduce a huge variety of different theatrical genres. We emphasize that theatre could be a lot of things: different ways of thinking, different materials, different stories, and the participants has an effect on it. The youngsters has the power to make theatre, to introduce and represent their narratives. Together with the participants (age 12-18) we experiment with different ways of opening their stories, creating their own narratives. The workshops are pointing out that every participants experience is just as valid and showing ways how can they reach out a possible audience with it. In practice, that means that we are showing a colourful pallet of different genres such as movement based theatre, dance theatre, puppetry, or more realistic forms of theatre. For NTH groups theatre is also about community and thinking together!

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The registration deadline 10.06.2022