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Youth: Performing a Summer Theatre

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Text: Shirlene Green N.

Photos & Video: Petri Kärkkäinen

During the summer, on the 20th-23th of June youth from the Helsinki area attended a theatre summer camp titled Theatre of the Future at Lapinlahden Lähde organized by the New Theatre Helsinki, which was delivered by professional theatre-makers. The aim was to think about theatre together and explore the different roles in theatre.

A total of 13 youngsters who were interested in the performing arts participated in the summer camp that lasted four days. They learned dramaturgy, sound design, set design, and so on. No previous experience was required to participate in the summer camp.

The summer camp was held in one of the venues from the previous mental health hospital of Lapinlahti area. There the four professionals who facilitated the summer camp worked with the youngster to create performances applying the skills they learned. The group was divided into two smaller groups where they proposed topics, discussed, and rehearsed the performances.

Surrounded by green gardens, water, and a sunny day the youngsters performed several shows in outdoor and indoor spaces, which were based on mental health, racism, human rights, and so on. Besides, the splendid day for the performance, they also were accompanied by relatives, friends, and other audiences.

Jan one of the parents said “the performances were amazing, they did so many different things sound, lights, images, it was a total experience. The experience of theatre had been very empowering for example speaking another language which helps to grow and encourage”.

Zoe, one of the youth said “it was enjoyable to perform everything and I am happy with the different topics we portrayed”. As she referred to the sound performance she added ” I am proud that we put something together literally out of nothing. Improvising was what I most enjoyed during the performances”.

Once more the youngster demonstrated that they are part of the art performance field, thus it is important to continue giving them this opportunity to grow, explore, and play. Helmina and Edie expressed that “ it was nice to meet new people who are interested in similar things” referring to the theatre field”. Theatre is for all!

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