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The seminar Building bridges: the concrete action for interculturalism and inclusion in Finnish theatre will discuss how interculturalism and inclusion could be promoted by the activities of the existing theatres, different funders and by the initiatives of the gatekeepers of the field. 


More information about programme and the speakers

POP UP 2021


The color of our skin, the color of our passport, the color of our gender does not prevent us from becoming stranger.

This performance is about a journey in the metro from Tapiola to Mellunmäki.  While witnessing the social, economical and racial clashes in Helsinki during this trip, Amira, Alina ja Anna reflect on Camus' novel the Stranger and the story of Meursault, the protagonist of the book.

They realize that even though they are Finnish citizens living in Finland they are also foreigners. The sense of belonging to a community is a social construction, which can be easily broken down. In order to prevent the crumbling of this social construction, myths are deployed. But these myths are masks which can also alienate not only the foreigners but also the one wearing the mask.


Based on Stranger by A. Camus



Davide Giovanzana

On Stage:

Yasmin Ahsanullah,

Maija Ruuskanen,

Anastasia Trizna


Maija Ruuskanen

Light design:

Anssi Ruotanen


Teatteri Metamorfoosi


With the support from SKR



Finnish, English, Russian


Performance dates: 

28.10 at 7pm

29.10 at 7pm

30.10 at 7pm

31.10 at 4pm


Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2, 00980 Helsinki


Duration of the performance and intermission: 1h (no intermission)


Sivullinen chosen promo. Joona Pettersson.jpeg

Sivullinen: Joona Pettersson


Punch Up! is a fierce variety show filled with the best in drag, stand-up comedy, and burlesque. Every show is a uniquely curated glittery dream filled with acts that are hilarious, sexy, thought-provoking, gender-twisting, binary-busting, and thoroughly unforgettable. Short performances dig deep into emotional landscapes that are simultaneously universal and very particular: anxiety, joy, hope, or love – while the audience gives back energy in a deliciously vicious, sexy cycle*.

Created in 2018 by stand-up comedian and monologuist Juuso Kekkonen, stand-up comedian and performance artist James Lórien MacDonald, and queer drag artist and producer Mira Eskelinen, Punch Up! has become a show like no other. Bringing together the most dazzling performers in drag, burlesque, and stand-up comedy, Punch Up! shines a light on the talent and passion to be found in these undervalued art forms.

“Punch Up! Resistance & Glitter offers time and time again a joyful, high-caliber, shamelessly camp collection of voices that are so rarely heard on main stages. As a social gesture it’s valuable, necessary, and timely, allowing for the emergence of a rich stream of talents, identities, and performance styles.” The Theatre Centre of Finland board / Teatterikeskus ry:n board

*Disclaimer: the organisers and performers are completely responsible for awakening suppressed feelings regarding gender and / or sexuality in audience members.

Curated and produced by:

James Lórien MacDonald,

Juuso Kekkonen,

Maaret Louhelainen,

Mira Eskelinen

The Lineup

Armi Von Vep

Thomas Moose


Arvind Ramachandran

Viha Piirakka

Our resident himbos Jamie MacDonald

& Juuso Kekkonen,

and Miss Vinyl Envy's sleazy twin brother

Maxxximo will be making

an appearance too


Performance date: 

18.11 at 7pm


Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2,

00980 Helsinki


Duration: 2h (intermission)

Language: English



Punch up: Anniina Joensalo


Out of Touch is a performance that uses the means of documentary theatre to talk about inter-ethnic divorces in Finland. The audience is invited to a celebration which eventually evolves to be reminiscence of a divorce. Stream of stories that are told from different perspectives to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind of different characters and narrators. What is remembered by whom and in what colours and smells?

Study says that every second marriage of a foreigner and a Finn ends in divorce.
Are the cultural differences so great? Do people from different nationalities rush into marriage for practical reasons? Is it the one-way sacrifices and all the unbalances that it brings? Or it’s just the clash between a person from the happiest country in the world and a person from a miserable country.

The performance is based on interviews with people who have gone through interethnic break ups and divorces. People who got to know each other outside the context of their everyday living. People who moved to other continents for love and lost their superpowers.


David Kozma


Eeva Putro, Timo Teern, 

Yuko Takeda, David Robertson


Romulus Chiciuc,

Robert Prokopowicz

Set installation:

Bita Razavi


Angela Aldebs

Light design:

Pietu Pietiäinen


Post Theatre Collective




Performance dates:

25.11 at 7pm

26.11 at 7pm

27.11 at 7pm

28.11 at 4pm


Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2, 00980 Helsinki


90 min (no intermission)



picture: Johanna Laakkonen

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