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Svenska Teatern - Several Locations

Exhibition open to the public

Viewings on:

• Tuesday February 28 at 16.00 - SOLD OUT

• Tuesday March 7 at 17.00

Extra viewing:

• Monday March 6 at 16.00

Duration: 45min

Ages: All Ages

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

Pricing: Free upon registration

State of Things - Site-specific audio installation

Unusual inhabitants will settle in the Svenska Teatern during the New Theatre Helsinki Festival. A kettle and a toaster, a vintage table and a floor lamp, a jacket and a suitcase that have seen it all. The objects are scattered around the theatre, they found cosy corners and regardless of being slightly shy you’ll find them very willing to tell their stories.


This installation is created specially for the festival. It works with serious themes but has a playful interactive form, which makes it interesting for both adults and children. It tells about war and how it changes the world around us using the metaphorical language of objects. It explores changes which are taking place, particularly those affecting the lives of people forced to leave their homes. It deals with themes of global ecology and art and, in particular, the theatre as a safe and supporting space.


We invite you to book online in advance for the viewing of the installation. The audio of the installation is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English. The installation is free of charge but requires registration. 


Ksenia Peretrukhina, is one of the most outstanding visual artist and set designer from Moscow now based in Helsinki. As a theatre artist, Ksenia works in independent and state theatres as well as in opera houses. She had been nominated for several prizes such as “Black Square” contemporary art prize, The Kandinsky Prize, and twice the winner of the “Golden Mask” National Theatre Prize. Her latest works in Finland have been with Klockriketeatern and Espoo City Theatre.


Anastasia Trizna, is a multilingual theatre, film actor, as well as multidisciplinary performer, and singer. Anastasia works in a diverse range of genres from drama to physical theatre, from social and cross-disciplinary art projects to singing jazz.


Toni Randell is a sound and light designer and technician, with diverse types of concerts and events in his working history. Toni has worked at various cultural events, as well as multiple performing arts companies, such as Tero Saarinen Company, Pori Dance Company, Pori Theatre and Rakastajat teatteri. ​


Installation artist and project concept: Ksenia Peretrukhina

Project implementation and directing: Anastasia Trizna

Sound and lighting design, technical implementation: Toni Randell

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