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@Vera Boitcova / Aleksandra Lemke / Ella Fathi

Svenska Teatern - Nicken-scenen

• Thursday, February 23 at 19.00

• Friday February 24 at 19.00

• Saturday February 25 at 19.00

Duration: 60min

Ages: 13 and up

Main language: English

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Estonian

Pricing: 40€ (support ticket), 20€ (full price), 10€ (reduced*)

Accessibility: to book wheelchair spaces, please contact

*Students, children, pensioners, unemployed, professionals


Welcome home. The smell of freshly brewed coffee. Laundry. Gentle murmur of the conversations in the background. How do we find a home within ourselves and in those surrounding us? Where do we ground ourselves when our physical home is lost? With the S2 performance, we invite the audience to join us in reflecting on the meanings and structures of home, nomading, and existing in different spaces through the lens of multicultural queer experience.


Being an immigrant, having a bicultural family, being queer within the biological family structures, having and losing homes and connections; these themes are explored and projected through a multicultural, queer lens. S2 is an abbreviation of the words “suomi toisena kielenä”, Finnish as a second language.


S2 is the first collaboration of this working group. Its members, Anneli Kanninen, Yoandy Jimeno, and Vera Boitcova, are queer, multicultural art makers who work towards boosting diversity and equity in the art scene.


To ensure a soft landing into the performance, the audience is welcome to enter the performance space 15 minutes before the show begins. Please get to know our safer space guidelines before coming to the performance.


Idea: Anneli Kanninen 

Performers: Anneli Kanninen, Yoandy Jimeno and  Vera Boitcova 

Text, dramaturgy, and choreography have been built through the collective work of the group.

Lighting design: Tobias Lönnquist & working group

Sensory and trigger warnings: loud sound, war, images of fire, notes on destruction, loss and alcoholism. If you feel you need to leave at any point of the performance, please do so. 


Safer space guidelines:

Let’s respect the performers, the staff and fellow audience members.

Let’s respect everyone’s personal space and boundaries, both physical and mental.

Let’s not make assumptions based on appearance, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, languages, ability, health, religion, socio-economic status, or experience.

Let’s acknowledge our individual privileges and take responsibility of our actions and the space we occupy.

If you experience or notice a problem, please contact the venue’s staff.

No space is a safe and brave space for all. Together we can work towards ensuring they become safer and braver.

Accessibility info: Svenska Teatern’s and Nicken stage accessibility info

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