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@Filiz Kurt Aksu

• Monday March 6 at 18.00

Duration: 45min

Ages: 7 and up

Languages: Turkish

Pricing: 40€ (support ticket), 26€ (family*), 12€ (full price), 10-6€ (reduced**)

Accessibility: to book wheelchair spaces, please contact

*Family: 2 adults and 2 children

**Students, children, pensioners, unemployed, professionals

Svenska Teatern - Nicken-scenen

Pizza Pizza Karagöz

A traditional Turkish puppet theatre, nearly 700 years old, takes the stage for the first time combining traditional and modern styles. Karagöz and Hacivat are the two main characters. The story is as follows: Karagöz is unemployed, as always, and Hacivat finds him a job in Finland. Karagöz takes orders in a pizzeria. The orders are made in different languages and the customers have various special requests. Karagöz gets all the orders wrong and things become a mess. How can order and harmony be restored? This is a performance about coexistence which uses pizza as the metaphor. 


The traditional play of Karagöz was inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 


Filiz Kurt Aksu and M. Mahir Aksu have studied traditional Turkish Karagöz shadow puppet theatre in their home country and performed for many years. Both have organised performances and workshops for various events and they cooperate with many Finnish art organisations such as Myllyteatteri, SAMPO International Puppet Festival, Tampere Intercultural Art, Moniheli Ry, and Finpolar Ry.

Trailer: here

Writer, director: Filiz Kurt Aksu
Performers and puppet designers: Filiz Kurt Aksu, M.Mahir Aksu

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