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• Tuesday March 7 at 19.00

Duration: 60min

Ages: 13 and up

Languages: German (subtitled in Finnish and English)

Pricing: 40€ (support ticket), 20€ (full price), 10€ (reduced*)

Accessibility: to book wheelchair spaces, please contact

*Students, children, pensioners, unemployed, professionals

Svenska Teatern - Nicken-scenen

Liebe(s) Europa Dear Europe/a

Liebe(s) Europa is an intimate theatre monologue that unveils the writer´s personal experience living in Finland as a foreigner. The trigger of the monologue goes back to 2020 when borders were closed even within Europe due to the pandemic. The events took the writer on a journey to realise her alienated separation from her family also leading her to ask questions about the myth, history, and identity of Europe.


Who or what is Europe?

The monologue intertwined documentary, literary texts, and self-written passages.

Current movements are clarified through the lens of personal experience.


The play premiered in September 2021 at Tukkateatteri in Tampere as part of the programme of the German Cultural Centre in Tampere.


Klee Collective is a group of professional artists from different cultural backgrounds, who have come together to create and produce performances.

Trailer: here


Director and writer: Juliane Mikkonen

On stage: Daria Trenkwalder

Music and Sound: Justin Ciuche & Ute Reiber

Voice-over: Ute Reiber

Lighting design: Juliane Mikkonen, Mika Eerola and Tobias Lönnquist

Trailer: Camoo Rashedpoor

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