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@Noora Lehtovuori / @Heikki Suomi

Svenska Teatern - Nicken-scenen

• Tuesday February 21st at 19.00

Duration: 60min

Ages: 13 and up

Languages: Non verbal / English, Finnish, Russian

Pricing: 40€ (support ticket), 20€ (full price), 10€ (reduced*)

Accessibility: to book wheelchair spaces, please contact:

*Students, children, pensioners, unemployed, professionals

Patriotic Body: Training

In this dance solo, the performer researches patriotism through their own body. They ask how one can address the effects of war on the body, which belongs to the aggressor country. The artwork was done through studying and training a fictional

patriotic muscle. The training is process-oriented and the artwork evolves and remains in a sketch form without a final destination point.


The performance has been shown in the city centre of Zurich, Switzerland, in front of Suomi-Venäjä Seura in Helsinki and in Outokumpu Old Mine in Outokumpu.


Dash Che is a transnational queer dancer, performer, and teaching artist who has been living and making artwork in Finland since 2019.

Performer: Dash Che
Lighting design: Tobias Lönnquist, Dash Che

Help with the performance dramaturgy: Olga Spyropoulou and Anna Kozonina.

2nd Skins

This solo performance presents a sophisticated animal, a human, in bodily dialogue with other skins. The skins are animal and alien;  jointly familiar and strange at the same time.  A delicate state of being emerges where the creature is concurrently attentive to itself and the environment. This performance premiered in February 2022 at the Helsinki Theatre Museum.

Favela Vera Ortiz is a contemporary dance choreographer who is based in Helsinki. Favela's works have been presented in several dance festivals both nationally and internationally like Paris, Melbourne, and Buenos Aires to name a few locations.


Lara Müller is a dancer who has worked with different choreographers in Switzerland and the Netherlands. At the moment, Lara lives in Finland and has worked with different productions with Sanna Kekäläinen, MimoArt Company, Apple Punch and Raremother. 


Lotta Esko is a visual artist and performance designer. She has had solo exhibitions in Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Toronto. As a scenographer she has worked in multiple dance and theatre performances presented in Finland and abroad, Music Biennale in Venice being one of them.


Choreography: Favela Vera Ortiz

Dance: Lara Müller

Scenography: Lotta Esko

Costume: Lotta Esko and Favela Vera Ortiz

Lighting design: Tobias Lönnquist & working group

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